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The 12 most egregious lies in sci-fi

Sci-fi movies and TV are FILLED with lies—and we don’t just mean the ones that Kirk told to get some of those green-skinned women into bed. No, we mean the kind of lies with devastating results and entire worlds at stake. (Sci-fi is epic that way.) Here are some of the biggest whoppers told on-screen, plus a few more subtle ones.

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The 12 greatest Spock moments

Today is April 5, four days too late for April Fools’ and 13 days before U.S. taxes are due. But April 5 is just as important as those two dates, because it’s the anniversary of First Contact, the day that Vulcans came to planet Earth in 2063 and gave us their high-five. And in honor of the occasion, we’re highlighting our favorite Vulcan, Mr. Spock.

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