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20 Movie Posters That Rocked Our Eyeballs in 2016

Posters are windows into the world of the movie. A sliver of expectation rather than revelation. A good movie poster creates an emotional reaction, one that intrigues and elicits curiosity in the viewer. That’s a lot of work for one image. Some posters are more successful than others—and in some cases, more successful than the movies they’re representing. […]

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GaymerX Highlights the Importance of Bringing Communities Together

GaymerX has been running fun, fabulous conventions for gamers on every point of the gender and sexuality spectrum for the last four years. While you could attend conventions in San Francisco, San Jose, and Australia, GaymerX only just recently made its first foray into the East Coast with GaymerX East in New York City. I attended the […]

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Gamer Loses 14 Pounds in 50 Days Playing the HTC Vive

As we reported last month, gamer Tim Donahey strapped an HTC Vive onto his face and a Polar H7 heart rate monitor onto his chest to learn just how many calories he burned each time he gamed in the virtual world. Remarkably, he burned a whopping 866 calories in one hour and five minutes. Inspired by these […]

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Batman Suit Sets A New Guinness World Records

Plenty of kids dream of creating a Guinness World Record. Even more kids dream of being Batman. Julian Checkley of Galway, Ireland, got to do both. And he did it in one of the more awesome ways possible. Checkley had his name entered in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition for creating cosplay with the […]

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You Knew It Was True: Online Gaming Increases Test Scores

Video game players like to pride ourselves on our fabulous reflexes and our ability to hold our bladders. But now there’s something else that gamers can take pride in: our brains. According to a recent publication in The International Journal of Communication,”Internet Usage and Educational Outcomes Among 15-Year-Old Australian Students,” written by Alberto Possi of […]

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