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Fan Fiction, Part One: Fan Fiction and Contradiction

I was fifteen years old when I invented the genre of fan fiction, a form of writing where the author takes characters or universes created by someone else and writes stories about them. That was the year I wrote my first short story involving me, Kirk, and Spock, which is also the year that I invented the genre’s worst cliché: the Mary Sue story, where the character exists as a thinly veiled avatar of the writer.

Fifteen was also the year I attended my first convention, where I learned that fan fiction had thrived for years before me.

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How Do You Say “Uplift” in French? A look at translation in science fiction

Yael Sela-Shapiro did not wake up one morning and say, “I think I’ll translate English science fiction into Hebrew” — but after passing a test given by a small translation agency, it happened just the same. Armed with a slew of dictionaries and reference material, she began her work. One day, while translating Pullman’s His Dark Materials, she came across the words “General Oblation Board,” also known as “gobblers.”

And here’s the problem: Hebrew does not have a word for “oblation.”

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