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You Knew It Was True: Online Gaming Increases Test Scores

Video game players like to pride ourselves on our fabulous reflexes and our ability to hold our bladders. But now there’s something else that gamers can take pride in: our brains. According to a recent publication in The International Journal of Communication,”Internet Usage and Educational Outcomes Among 15-Year-Old Australian Students,” written by Alberto Possi of […]

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Love to Binge-Watch TV? Pity, ‘Cus It Could Kill You

If you love watching an entire season of television in one popcorn-fueled frenzy, I have some bad news: it could kill you. According to a Japanese study “Watching Television and Risk of Mortality From Pulmonary Embolism Among Japanese Men and Women” led by Toru Shirakawa, over 86,000 people in Japan between the ages of 40–79 were […]

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Social Board Games Keep Your Brain Sharp

Making your friends hand over their resources to you in Settlers in Catan or revealing yourself to be a Cylon in Battlestar Galactica isn’t just satisfying on a personal level. It seems that this can help your brain as you age. According to the New York Times, Paul Nussbaum, president of the Brain Health Center […]

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5 Things Happening in Science Right Now That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Science is the understanding of the universe. Because of science, we can extrapolate the existence of black holes, realize the fact that we’ve evolved from hominids, and learn how to unboil an egg. Science is also essential to one of our favorite literary genres, science fiction—without which we’d be limited to reading/watching fantasy or magical realism. […]

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People Get Weirdly Aroused When They Touch Robots

A Stanford University-based study has proved something we already know: “Physiological arousal was related to body accessibility.” In other words, the less accessible the part of the body—like the genitals and buttocks that we keep clothed in public—the more sexually arousing it is to us. But what we didn’t know is that the study can […]

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Dude, Want to Alter Your Consciousness? Try Video Games

Playing a video game isn’t quite like taking an LSD trip: You’re not infused with a sense of well being, and you don’t acquire insight into the workings of the universe. But as with some hallucinogens, video games can alter your consciousness. Researchers have known for some time that video gamers can experience “game transfer […]

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Video Games Improve Children’s Intellectual and Social Skills

Want to introduce children to video games but afraid the only skill they’ll develop is a quick trigger finger? Fear not. Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, along with colleagues at Paris Descartes University, have found that children who play video games have higher intellectual functioning and are more social. Researchers studied over […]

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