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7 awesome bits of tech that just freakin’ disappeared

Recently, my husband and I were arguing about TiVos, and it’s not just because we like to argue. He says that our homegrown MythTV system is a customizable, open-source way to record television, and I say that I miss the chirpy little noise a TiVo remote control made when I fast-forwarded through the commercials. Then we paused to remember Tivo’s competitor, ReplayTV. What the heck happened to it?

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The 5 most ridiculous EULA clauses

When I first encountered End User License Agreements (EULAs), I can honestly say I ignored them. After all, they were written in Legalese, a language I never learned. It was easy enough to click “I accept” and ignore it in the same way that I once ignored my father’s demand that I stop wearing a push-up bra.

Later I thought, “Wow, this bra is awfully revealing,” and “Maybe I should read this EULA, after all.”

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12 types of bad tech names

Life is too short to want to punch a website in the face, but there I was, staring at, feeling the rage. I was struck for the nth time by the sheer badness of the name iPad when I realized there were worse names of tech companies, products, and services. In fact, there are entire categories of bad.

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