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Neil Gaiman Makes Sense of America with American Gods

“Starz loves c**k.”
Those were co-developer Bryan Fuller’s words as he explained the eye-popping abundance of full-frontal male nudity in the upcoming Starz series American Gods, based on Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel.

The eight-episode first sea…

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Neil Gaiman's American Gods has found a TV home

Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel will at last become a TV series. The gods are pleased.

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Neil Gaiman Promises Dangerous New Cybermen In Upcoming ‘Doctor Who’ Episode

Neil Gaiman, the author of the famed Sandman comic book, as well as such novels as Coraline, American Gods, and many, many others, became a writer of Doctor Who last year, with the episode “The Doctor’s Wife.” His second time around the TARDIS, the fabulously titled “Nightmare in Silver,” will be airing this Saturday on BBC/BBC America. In a conference call, Gaiman spoke about his love for the long-running British show…and how he put his own particular twist on the Doctor’s old enemy, the Cybermen.

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