The trailers for BioShock Infinite are coming fast and furious now that the March 26, 2013, launch is a short skyhook journey away. The most recent one, “Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?” is unlike the others we’ve seen, and not just because it’s a cinematic trailer with no gameplay. This one particularly differs because it has the same 1960s/1970s look and feel that we saw in the Dharma Initiative videos in the TV show Lost (2004-2010).

In this video, we learn the history and background of Columbia, the fact that the city had vanished, and the fact that a building fell out of the sky, which implies that the city has decayed. And as in Lost, the deliberately choppy cinematics give the viewer the feeling that something about Columbia is off. The overall result is creeptastic.

Once again, I’m reminded how much BioShock Infinite resembles the prior Bioshocks, with its charismatic leader, noble ideologies, and a city declaring independence from the surface. But it makes me wonder: Are the developers deliberately mimicking the previous games, or is there a deeper reason why the nature of Columbia resembles Rapture?

Of course, with parallel realities—here, Columbia put down the Boxer Rebellion, which certainly did not happen in our history—Irrational Games can play with Columbia and the BioShock lore to its hearts content.

Just like the creators of Lost did with their parallel realities.

Hopefully BioShock Infinite will have a more definitive ending.

Check it out:

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