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Moving from developer to project manager: 4 lessons from Doctor Who

Considering a move from programming into team leadership? Let an expert in regeneration advise your career path. “Doctor Who” is a long-running BBC television show…

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What To Do When There Is No Closet Space

So where do closet-less urbanites like me, store my clothes, my shoes, and my dreams of square footage?

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier doesn't pass the Bechdel test. But women should see it anyway.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier an explosion-filled superhero movie. And it’s one of the best big-budget movies for women today.

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You Have Until Midnight, August 17, to Tell NASA Where to Go

What will NASA be doing in the upcoming years? That’s a question that Congress wants answered. So the National Research Council is conducting an independent study of NASA’s strategy direction, “the steps NASA needs to take over time to accomplish its vision and mission,” writes the National Academy of Sciences. In addition to rocket scientists, they want the input of the public. The catch is, this is due today, August 17.

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