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LEGO Movie sequel producers say follow-up will deal with gender issues

The LEGO Movie was a heartwarming tale of teamwork, creativity, and of course, Batman. So what is the premise of The LEGO Movie sequel? Producers Dan Lin and Chris McKay can tell you.

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Geek Trio Axis of Awesome Lead Singer Comes Out as Trans

The Australian trio The Axis of Awesome are as comfortable performing in music venues as they are comedy festivals, with viral hits like “Four Chords” and “Rage of Thrones.” Musicians Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo, and Benny Davis have been performing hilariously geeky music since 2006, and they will continue only now, there’ll be a minor […]

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Five Reasons Why Aliens Make Better Lovers

Maybe aliens would actually make better lovers. Better than that cute chick at Alpha Centauri with the bondage closet in her quarters, you ask?

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