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Game of Thrones’ Hodor has more than one word of dialog in short film Biopunk

Kristian Nairn gets around. First, in Game of Thrones, he goes North of the Wall, where things don’t exactly turn out all that great for his character Hodor. Now, in the short film Biopunk, he finds himself in post-apocalyptic New London repairing and…

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Crazy But True: Game of Thrones Fan Predicted Meaning of Hodor Back in 2008

Game of Thrones landed some serious blows on fans in fifth episode of season 6 “The Door.” These were mind-spinning reveals and one particularly painful death that we did not see coming. Except that one fan did—and so did one of Game of Thrones’ stars. WARNING: SPOILERS Back in 2008, before the novel series A […]

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