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Developers Dish Advice on Building Apps That Will Sell

Don’t count on Apple’s help to make your app a hit.

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Fan Fiction Is Finally Legitimized With Kindle Worlds

Reading and writing fan fiction is a pastime I’ve enjoyed for years, and I’m not the only one: Fanfiction.net, a clearinghouse of fan fiction from across dozens of television shows, movies, and books, has millions of stories in its ever-growing repository. Once considered the domain of science fiction fans (although much older than that) now spread over non-genre television shows such as House and Gilmore Girls, fanfic has long been considered a copyright violation lawsuit in the making. Now Amazon is giving fan fiction the legitimacy it needs and deserves. With caveats.

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When Publishing, Think Small: A look at small press

Small press opens up markets that would otherwise be closed to both new and established authors. Here’s a look at some small presses.

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