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This Guy Used Legos To Tell His Adorably Romantic Story

How do you show your love for your bae, your boo, your special someone? If you’re a writer, you might write a poem. If you’re painter, you might paint a picture. And if you’re an animator, you might create something like this short but incredibly sweet LEGO video. Kevin Ulrich, professional animator by day, helpless […]

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If you want to watch Joss Whedon-scripted In Your Eyes right now, you're in luck

If you missed the Tribeca Film Festival, fear not. You can stream supernatural romance, In Your Eyes, right now.

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12 Science Fiction/Fantasy Action Movies (That Happen to Be Romantic)

Science fiction films contain aliens and space battles, time-travelers, and often enough violence to sate the cravings of an 11-year-old boy. But many people overlook what we science fiction fans have known all along: SF/F can be deeply romantic. I’ve found a few movies that appeal to both the action lover and the romantic, no […]

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