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4 perfectly reasonable-sounding 2018 technology predictions that failed

What were they thinking?! These erroneous guesses about tech in 2018 would shatter any crystal ball. It’s getting harder to predict the future, what with…

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AMC gives The Walking Dead and Into the Badlands their own VR app

Ever wanted to immerse yourself in the worlds of The Walking Dead and Into the Badlands? — to surround yourself with the best and worst of humanity and/or steampunk ninjas? Now you have your chance: AMC has a new virtual reality app that will let you…

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The real world of virtual reality training

Virtual reality isn’t just for holodeck simulations and lawnmower men. It’s a useful tool when hands-on training needs an extra hand. As VR becomes the new educational reality, you need to study these five lessons.

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Gamer Loses 14 Pounds in 50 Days Playing the HTC Vive

As we reported last month, gamer Tim Donahey strapped an HTC Vive onto his face and a Polar H7 heart rate monitor onto his chest to learn just how many calories he burned each time he gamed in the virtual world. Remarkably, he burned a whopping 866 calories in one hour and five minutes. Inspired by these […]

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Geek & Sundry’s guide to the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift

The HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are two competing virtual reality headsets that are only just becoming available, giving the geekosphere the same tech fight we saw with the Xbox and the Playstation—or even VHS and Betamax. Although both headsets allow the wearer to better feel as if they’re part of the game they’re playing, […]

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