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Before the 50-Year ‘Doctor Who’ Anniversary, the BBC Will Revisit All Former Doctors

This year, Doctor Who will celebrate its fifty-year anniversary. That’s fifty years of regenerations, companions, time and space travel, Daleks, Cybermen, and a few years with K-9 (minus a sixteen-year hiatus from 1989 to 2005). But many Americans only jumped aboard the TARDIS a little less than eight years ago, thanks to the reboot that gave Christopher Eccleston a year in the title role. So how do you bring this poor, under-entertained audience up to speed? With a series of specials, of course.

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How to dress like the First Doctor

As you can see from the above link, William Hartnell’s outfit is a bit costume-y and doesn’t read as streetwear. But I like that Doctor…

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