Month: November 2011

48 reasons to love Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the longest-running sci-fi show of all time—and no wonder. With an ever-changing cast of characters, run by producers who are as big fans as we are, it’s been kept new and exciting every year. We love Doctor for all sorts of reasons. So for today, its 48-year anniversary (excluding the few years it was off the air post-1989), we’re giving you 48 reasons why we love this show. 1. The opening theme song. 2. The TARDIS. The Doctor loves his time machine so much, he’s practically married to it. 3. It’s a gateway drug to British television. In fact, it’s some of the first British TV that many fans ever get to see. We hope fans continue to explore more Brit sci-fi, like the classic Blake’s 7 and Thunderbirds, and the more recent Being Human and Spaced (well, not sci-fi, but certainly geek culture). 4. Humor. 5. The Girl in the Fireplace. The episode, from the Tenth Doctor, was so powerful that the plot was recycled for the Eleventh Doctor. After all, it’s about a little girl who grows up while waiting for the Doctor, only to have a crush on him when he does appear. 6. The Ood. At first they were frightening. Then they were sad. Then they were frightening again. 7. It’s about a guy who can travel anywhere in space and time....

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The 5 most ridiculous EULA clauses

When I first encountered End User License Agreements (EULAs), I can honestly say I ignored them. After all, they were written in Legalese, a language I never learned. It was easy enough to click “I accept” and ignore it in the same way that I once ignored my father’s demand that I stop wearing a push-up bra.

Later I thought, “Wow, this bra is awfully revealing,” and “Maybe I should read this EULA, after all.”

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