About Me

CarolPinchefskyI am a freelance writer of geek culture, technology, science, and business. I currently write for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Insights and SyFy.com (the website of the SyFy Channel). Previously, I wrote for Forbes, Geek & Sundry, and MacLife. 

Other markets include The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Fast Track, Viacom, IT World, eWeek, Hewlett-Packard, Information Week, Smart Bear, SFX, Strange Horizons, IGN, PC Gamer, Gameshark, MMO Games, The New York Review of Science Fiction, The Intergalactic Medicine Show, Lightspeed, and Battlestar Galactica magazine.

I live in New York City with my husband and our books.


A few career highlights

  • Appeared as a judge in an episode of the Food Network Challenge.
  • Interviewed celebrities such as Neil Gaiman, Matt Smith, Anthony Daniels, Gale Anne Hurd, Paul Giamatti, Daniel Craig, Lucy Lawless, and others, sometimes on camera.
  • Performed stand-up comedy twice.
  • Wrote two live-action roleplaying games.
  • Received three poetry award nominations.
  • Took photographs that were used as book and album covers.
  • Wrote wedding vows. (Couple is married to this day.)