Deadline: Thursday, Dec 14, 2023. Midnight PST.

“I’m lovin’ it.” “Gotta catch ‘em all.” “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Taglines are short phrases used in advertising to promote a brand by evoking the idea of the brand. In this competition, describe your favorite science fiction or story, either in print or on screen, and come up with its tagline. And make it funny. In other words, put on your advertising hats and your clown noses.


The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman

Plot: Fearless leader Rick Grimes helps rebuild civilization during the zombie apocalypse.

Tagline: It’s the best of Grimes and the worst of Grimes.

Here are our rules.

• Send up to six entries per person to

• Keep each entry to 50 words or less.

• For the love of humanity, include your snail mail address