Competition #103: Subgenre (Due midnight PST, February 19, 2022.)

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror have dozens of subgenres, each with their distinct identity. Take your favorite subgenre, then write sentence or two (or even more, but no more than 50 words) that can only be written or spoken within that subgenre.

Make it funny, because we love to laugh—and not just in the mirror.

Example: Time-travel romance:

If we love each other and we only have 3.12 percent DNA in common, is it really a crime, Great-Great-Great Grandma?

Rules. Obey them:

• Mail up to six entries per person to carol d-o-t pinchefsky a-t gmail d-o-t com

• Keep each entry to 50 words or less.

• Include your snail mail address.

Fabulous prizes include books, uncorrected proofs, and subscriptions to _The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction_.