Mike Myers (the comedian, not the Halloween serial killer) is taking on multiple characters in the upcoming Netflix show, The Pentaverate. With a name like, “penta,” I’m guessing five characters….

Upcoming Star Trek show Strange New Worlds has found its Captain Kirk: actor Paul Wesley, from The Vampire Diaries. ST:SNW will be beaming to Paramount+ on May 5.

Everything io9 knows about the Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi. Minor spoilers. AND NO BABY YODA. <cries softly>

The Muppets’ Electric Mayhem Band are getting their own Disney+ series. We can expect ten episodes of mayhem and muppetry.


Disney is weaving the characters of Star Wars together in a way that both fleshes them out and ties them together, and it creates a fully formed world. The same is true of Star Trek, with its roster of classic characters in new situations.

But unless we see completely new tales, these franchises run the risk of preaching to a geeky choir—and not attracting new choir members.

I’m a huge fan of both Trek and Wars, and I don’t want these Stars to dim. Give us new adventures, Disney and Paramount. Note to Disney: By “new,” I don’t mean “regurgitating old plots,” as you did with The Force Awakens.

There are so many Death Stars now, you should call them a Death Constellation.

Quote of the Day

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
: [Harvey and I] very recently took things to the next level.
Aunt Zelda: He hasn’t defiled you, has he?


Cosplay: Excellent.

Staging: Next level.

Found on Reddit, KarenScarlet1.