• The trailer for Green Ghost and the Masters of the Stone is the Danny Trejo-stravaganza that you hadn’t known you wanted.
  • Oscar Isaac can’t find his contact lens in this clip from Marvel’s Moon Knight. The tone is of the upcoming show is yet more evidence that Disney is edging away toward family-friendly fare and leaning in the darker side of storytelling. (However, I don’t expect to see Disneyworld becoming the most Morally Ambiguous Place on Earth.)
  • D’oh! And the next game to be turned into a movie is…Play-Doh. Yes, you read that right.

Business News

Amazon has acquired Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios Inc. for $8.5 billion. Although the U.S. Federal Trade Commission may object to the acquisition in the near future, the FTC appears to be deadlocked, with two Republican and two Democrat commissioners.

The problem here is that Amazon is already a production company (among other things), and purchasing yet another studio decreases the competition that keeps a business from turning into a monopoly. The fact that the FTC hasn’t prevented this merger prior to this does not bode well for future objections.

This, however, is good news for those who have purchased Amazon Prime, as Prime will be dishing up a sizable plate of MGM film fare.

Listen. If you’re quiet…you can hear Jeff Bezos cackle.

Artisan of the Day

You have two choices. You could draw a picture of Venom using ink. Or you can paint it using coffee, dark-roasted, smelling of earth and fire, a jolt through your veins that kick-starts your heart and soothes the soul.

Instagram’s JuapiCoffeeArtist chose wisely.

Quote of the Day


Ironhide: “Why are we fighting to save the humans? They’re a primitive and violent race.”

<In the distance, Jeff Bezos’ cackle eventually fades>