The first episode of Game of Thrones’ season 6 gave us some much-anticipated Westerosi goodness. Highlights of “The Red Woman” include:

– Brienne rides in to rescue Sansa.
– Melisandre reveals her true self.
– Ramsey Bolton, after mourning his dead ex-girlfriend, tells his servant, “It’s perfectly good meat. Feed her to the dogs.”

But the last episode of season 5 ended with multiple questions, and not all of them were answered. So what didn’t we get from the premiere of S6 Games of Thrones?


When we last left Jon Snow, he was deader than a dead doornail.

And in the first episode of season 6, he’s still dead. Not only that, his killers left him where he lie—not the best way to leave a corpse, considering they’ve grown a pesky habit of rising. We had hoped that Melisandre would work her fire magic on his corpse, but she hasn’t done that. All she’s done is moodily stare into the flames and shed her skin.

FLIGHT OF FANCY: Jon Snow had made a promise to the Night’s Watch that lasted as long as he lived. But if he lives again, does that mean his vow has been fulfilled and he can take up his family’s cause as Jon Stark?


At the end of season 4, Bran was delivered to the Three-Eyed Raven by Meera and Jojen (who is still alive in the books)…and disappeared. In the books, Bran is studying old magic, known as greensight. In the television show, the character never saw the light of season 5. As producer David Benioff said, “He’s now entering a training period which is going to take quite some time, much of which isn’t particularly cinematic.”

Presumably, when we see him in the next episode, he will be able to make use of that training. As those of us who’ve read the books know, he’s about to “go big” when it comes to warging.



In season 5, Loras Tyrell had been imprisoned by the Faith (those who worship the Seven Gods) for homosexuality, and Margaery for perjury to save her brother.

In “The Red Woman,” Margaery Tyrell is still a prisoner of the Faith and is bad-copped/good-copped at turns by her captors. When the leader of the Faith, the High Sparrow, enters her cell, Margaery has one question for him: Where is Loras?

That’s something we’d like to know too. Is he being tortured? Brainwashed? Given a chance to do penance in some weird awful way that only the writers of GoT know how to conjure? Margaery won’t rest until she knows the answer. Neither will we.


Petyr is known in both the books and the TV show for his plans-within-plans cunning.

But he has a soft spot in his heart for Sansa, the daughter of the only woman he ever loved. But he left her in the not-so-tender clutches of the Boltons, on Cersei’s summons. While there, he coaxed Cersei into giving him an army and if he manages to defeat the Boltons, giving him the title of Warden of the North.

So where is Petyr and his army? And can they arrive in time to prevent Ramsay from taking revenge on Sansa for escaping?

(We don’t care if Ramsay gets his revenge on Theon/Reek. Forget that guy.)

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Feature Image Credit: Vox/HBO