Even the most die-hard fans of the epic 1993-2002 series The X-Files knew the series had played itself out by its ninth season. But even with the season 9 finale “The Truth” throwing dirt on the graves of several conspiracies, we’ve always wanted to believe that more X-Files was out there.

We got what we wanted: In January, we saw a six-episode tenth season, to go along with the decent IDW comic book series and the painfully mediocre 2008 movie X-Files: I Want to Believe.

It scratched our surface X-Files itch. But we want our X-Files to go down to the bone.

Now Gillian Anderson and David Duchovy are in “significant talks” for an eleventh season, which warms the cockles of this fangirl’s heart.

So what is it that we want to see in what could be the eleventh season of X-Files?


Goddamned Answers

The last episode of season 10 was one of television’s worst cliffhangers that I’ve ever seen—and I’ve seen Twin Peaks. In the last episode, the Spartan Virus had been released, and people were panicking. And dying.

Mulder caught the alien bug. And just as Mulder’s one foot had stepped into the grave, what appeared to be an alien vessel…appeared. Right over a flabbergasted Scully

So what happens now? We don’t know. Is this the thanks we get for our decade-long devotion to a formerly canceled show? *she whines*


More Scully and Mulder

Although Duchovny is a little more careworn than when we last saw him as Mulder, he’s still a delight to watch because you’re never sure what the on-again/off-again FBI agent will do next.

The older yet reinvented version of Scully, portrayed by Gillian Anderson, is more accepting of Mulder than she’s been in the past. He no longer frustrates her like he did before—but he seems to make her sad. I wonder if it has something to do with their on-again/off-again relationship.

I don’t just want to know what ended their romance. I also want to see it rekindled. That’s the kind of sucker I am.




Mulder doesn’t compromise. So when he was offered the vaccine to the Spartan Virus by the evil Cigarette-Smoking Man, we knew he would rather die. And when we saw him last, he was actively doing just that. The only way to save our X-man is to give him some donated stem cells from Mulder and Scully’s son, William.

The only problem? Because of their closed adoption, they don’t know where he is.

William is a critical part of Scully and Mulder’s story arc, a fact that was played up throughout season 11…and never realized.

We want to see them together as a family as much as they do. 

More Darin Morgan

The one true highlight of season 10? That was the humorous episode about a shape-shifter, “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” written by Darin Morgan. You may remember him as the screenwriter of some of the best X-Files episodes, “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space,” “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,” and “War of the Coprophages.” (He also scripted two episodes for the gone-but-not-forgotten spin-off series Millennium: “Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me” and “Jose Chung’s Doomsday Defense.”)

Morgan also produced the BBC America TV series Intruders, to mixed reviews. But his poignant, off-the-wall writing is a proven asset. Let’s keep him employed.


Less Chris Carter

Let’s face it. Carter is the creator of our favorite ’90s show, but he’s also it’s downfall, what with the Cigarette Smoking Man as the man who is attempting to destroy humanity for…reasons? I’m still not sure what his motivation was. Plus, the pacing was all wrong: The last episode of season 10 dumped a world-ending crisis on us and left us to twist.

The X-Files’ season 10 was watchable to us fans, but I doubt it inspired Millennials to become X-Philes. Perhaps Chris Carter should let other showrunners take the wheel for a change. 

Like Vince Gilligan, who showran Breaking Bad, is currently working on Better Call Saul…and who got his start on The X-Files.

What do you want to see when the X-Files returns for another season? The truth is out there.

Featured Image Credits: Fox.