Game of Thrones broke away from George R.R. Martin’s novels A Song of Ice and Fire long ago, so the past performance of the books does not guarantee future results. After the goings-on in episode 7, “The Broken Man,” I don’t know precisely where the story is headed. But I can make some educated guesses.

As I’m an obsessive fan, however, I’m also going to share my deep-seated wishes. Because this San-San fanfic doesn’t write itself. And as always, there are spoilers ahead. Leave now before it’s too late.



Conspiracy theorists who have read A Song of Ice and Fire have suspected that Sandor Clegane wasn’t as dead as Arya had left him after his encounter at the Inn at the Crossroads (in the TV show, he lost a fight with Brienne). In a rare pre-credits scene, we see he’s alive and well and living in the only part of Westeros where people smile with honest-to-seven-gods sincerity.

Sandor is atoning for his many crimes, with the help of an unnamed Septon (from the novels, he’s likely Septon Meribald, played by fan favorite Ian McShane) who urges him to never do violence, as violence is a disease. Before taking his leave, the Septon offers to save Sandor his dinner.

[But will Septon Meribald save Sandor a chicken?]

Because this is Game of Thrones and not Highway to Heaven, the Septon is quickly slaughtered by the Brotherhood Without Banners. Sandor sees the carnage and reaches for an axe.

Prediction: The Hound will go after the Brotherhood Without Banners, replacing Brienne in that plotline we’ve been anticipating/dreading for three seasons.

Wishful thinking: Sandor will encounter Sansa. Let the San-San fanfic once again commence! 



Jon and Sansa, with help from Ser Davos Seaworth, try to gather allies to fight against the Boltons and retake Winterfell. They succeed in getting aid from the Wildlings, as well as the (awesome 10-year-old) lady of Bear Island—a mere sixty-two fighters. They’re not as lucky with House Glover.

Sansa and Jon argue about whether or not they have enough men to secure a victory. As Jon decides to head to Winterfell with their small force, Sansa spies some ravens. Soon we see her writing a letter. But to whom?

Prediction: Sansa is writing Petyr Baelish, asking her former friend for aid.

Wishful thinking: After Sansa retakes Winterfell, she kills Petyr, as has been predicted by a character in the novel, the Ghost of High Heart. 

[Note to Littlefinger: And don’t you dare forget it.]

Side note: The seal of House Stark goes on the outside of the scroll, Game of Thrones writers. Not the inside. 


Margaery is now so utterly pious that she can quote scripture like a septa—and even pals around with Septa Ornella (who will always be known to me as Shame Septa). But she eschews the marital bed, saying, “The desires that once drove me no longer do.” 

When the High Sparrow warns her that her sinful grandmother may be in danger from the Faith, Margaery tells her to leave King’s Landing. But not before slipping Olenna Tyrell a picture of a rose: their family symbol. 

Prediction: Margaery will seduce the High Sparrow. 

Wishful thinking: She’ll eunuch him up while he’s sleeping.

 [Theon can’t be the only one who gets snipped in this show.]



Cersei and Olenna have no love for each other. But Cersei urges the Queen of Thorns to stay in King’s Landing, to fight the Faith together. But Olenna, who is one of the smarter characters in the show, knows a warning when she hears one. She tells Cersei she’s leaving. 

But not before telling the woman who is responsible for Margaery and Loras’ imprisonment, “You’ve lost, Cersei. It’s the only joy I could find in all this misery.”

[Olenna doesn’t believe in small talk.]

Prediction: Olenna leaves King’s Landing. But she won’t stay away forever. Not when Loras is still locked up.

Wishful thinking: She’ll be responsible for Cersei’s downfall in some way, just as she was with Joffrey.


Yara, on the run from her uncle Euron, takes Theon to a brothel–not the best idea, considering Theon’s state. Rather than let him wallow in self-pity, she reminds her brother that she’s pulling for him, and if he wants to kill himself, he’d better get it over with quickly.

[We can see why he’s considered it.]

She’s on a mission: to take back the Iron Isles with the help of Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of Meereen. Also, Yara is as bold with the wenches as any male pirate. 

Prediction: You know how I said that the Hound will replace Brienne in an upcoming plotline? It seems as if Yara and Theon will be replacing the storyline of their uncle, Victarion, who is heading to Meereen to treat with Dany.

Wishful thinking: Yara disappears and is never seen again. Because her uncle Euron is coming for her, and he gives Ramsay Bolton a run for his crazy. Meanwhile, Theon should take whatever punishment Euron gives him, because I still haven’t forgiven him for the sack of Winterfell.


Jaime goes to Riverrun, to retake the castle from Brynden Tully. Because Jaime and Bronn are competent, they take one look at the Frey encampment and start giving orders. Jaime parlays with Brynden, who says he and his men can withstand two years of fighting. 

Brynden leaves Jaime, saying he’s disappointed with the Kingslayer.

Prediction: I’ve read the books, so I have an idea what’s going to happen next. Needless to say, Jaime is a Lannister.

Wishful thinking: I wish I hadn’t seen the trailer for the upcoming episode, which shows Brienne at Riverrun. She’s going to remind Jaime of his promise, back in season 2.

 [That one.]

She’s supposed to encounter the Brotherhood Without Banners. If she doesn’t, it would be one of the very few changes from the novels I don’t agree with. Brienne’s presence is painfully necessary to an upcoming storyline.


Arya books passage out of Braavos back to Westeros with two bags of ill-gotten booty and a screw-you attitude. But our girl, who should have known better than to let anyone get within a five-foot radius, is soon grabbed and gutted by the Waif. 

Arya leaps into a river to escape her. When she crawls out, she’s in pain. She walks Braavos bleeding, and no one helps her.

Prediction: Arya will find her way back to the House of Black and White for healing and to repay her debt to the Waif and to the man who wears the face of Jaqen H’ghar. 

Wishful thinking: We learn that Jaqen H’ghar is really Syrio Forel, who we never saw die back in season one.

 [A girl can dream, can’t she?]

For the full “Broken Man” speech that Septon Meribald gave in A Feast for Crows, from which the title of the episode comes, click here.

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