Game of Thrones has been bringing the pain and the joy for every episode in season 6. But some episodes are more quotable than others. The most recent episode, “No One,” was filled with some great one-liners–most of them delivered by the Hound. (In the case of Daenerys, she didn’t need to speak a word to be awesome.) Check out some of the best lines, and the best unspoken moments, in “No One” and what it meant to the plot.

“Trust me, if my soup didn’t kill you, nothing will.” – Lady Crane

When last we left Arya, she was all:

That’s the result of the stab wound given to her by the Waif, all because Arya refused to kill Lady Crane, the kindly actress. Arya escapes the Waif’s wrath and hides with Lady Crane.

Crane takes Arya in and cares for her, even cooking her some soup. But the god must have his name, and that name is Crane. Let’s just say when Waif comes for Crane, she’s extremely prejudiced. RIP Lady Crane. (Shout-out to actress Essie Davis, who impressed the hell out of me in The Babadook.)

Best unspoken moment: The best unspoken moment is actually a response to the above quote: Arya leads the Waif to where she has hidden her beloved sword, Needle. She picks up Needle, and with a flick of her wrist, she…does not attack the Waif. Instead, she slashes out a candle—the one source of light—leaving them both in the dark. 

In other words, the soup didn’t kill her, and nothing—and no one—will.

“Please tell his High Holiness he’s always welcome to visit.” – Cersei

Cersei, who already performed the Walk of Shame, will soon be tried by the High Septon for her crimes. But the Faith Militant—the military branch of the Faith of the Seven—doesn’t think she should be waiting for her trial at home in the Red Keep. They want her back in the High Sparrow’s grasp.

[Not even Cersei deserves that.]

Cersei refuses to leave…and introduces them to her little friend, the big Robert Strong (a.k.a. the reanimated corpse of the Mountain). Robert takes out one of the Faith with his hands. Did I mention Robert is unarmed, except for his arms? Hence the badassness of the quote above.

Best unspoken moment: The dead Militant’s blood drips down a drain like water.

“Lesson number one… Everyone wants to hit a f***ing squire.” – Bronn

Bronn remeets Podrick, the former squire to Tyrion and current squire to Brienne. They have a chat about old times…as well as how Bronn was able to easily grab Pod from behind.

Although Pod is being trained by Brienne, it’s clear that Bronn has the advantage over the young man. Bronn offers to show Pod a lesson or two in fighting: Bronn’s kind of fighting. The dirty kind.

Best unspoken moment: Bronn, after telling Pod to check his form, punches the squire in the face. Okay, he follows it up with the above line. But even though the move was completely telegraphed, it still made me laugh.

[Everone want to hits this face.]


“[Oathkeeper is] yours. It will always be yours.” – Jaime

Jaime and Brienne meet for the first time since season 4, but theirs is not a sentimental reunion.

[To be fair, theirs was never a sentimental relationship, either.]

Brienne informs him that Sansa is alive and plans to take back Winterfell from the Boltons. And to do so, she needs the help of the Tully army. As it happens, Jaime is sieging the Tully army, trying to take Castle Riverrun.

Jaime says he’ll let the Tullys go free to sack Winterfell, if only they give up Riverrun. He lets Brienne treat with Brynden Tully.

Long story short: She fails to wins Tully’s compromise. Ultimately, Brynden Tully dies fighting. And now his plot has ended.

Before she leaves, she gives Jaime back his sword, which she had named Oathkeeper—the sword made from Ned Stark’s longsword, used to protect Ned Stark’s daughter. As you can see from the quote above, Jaime refuses in the the most heartfelt way.

Best unspoken moment: Brienne realizes that she may have to fight Jaime on the battlefield. Her chin quivers oh-so-very slightly. That? That’s the sound of my heart thudding to a halt.

“That rumor you told me about?…Just a rumor or something more?” – Cersei
“More. Much more.” – Qyburn

Tommen makes an announcement in the Throne Room, informing the public about his new rules concerning trials by combat which is to say that he’s abolishing it. Cersei’s advantage, in the form of Robert Strong, has been lopped off like the Mountain’s head.

[Too soon?]

We don’t quite know what rumor Cersei and Qyburn are talking about. But dollars to donuts, we’ll be finding out soon enough.

Best unspoken moment: Before Tommen’s announcement, Cersei tries to stand behind her son the king. His Hand, her uncle Kevyn, tells her to watch from the gallery, where the womenfolk sit. As Cersei heads toward the gallery, the other women in attendance wordlessly walk away. Burn.

Hasn’t anybody learned that snubbing Cersei is bad for their health?


“The things you do for love.” – Jaime

In this scene, Jaime lays it out for his captive, Edmure Tully: Surrender Riverrun, and Edmure will see his son and wife and live out the rest of his days as a guest in Casterly Rock. Don’t surrender, and he’ll see his infant son catapulted into the castle. It’s not much of a choice.

Jaime also tells Edmure that he loves his sister Cersei, and no one else matters to him.  Interestingly, the above line, which he says to Edmure, echoes the same line he spoke in season 1, episode one. You know. Before he pitches Bran out the window, thus setting in motion most of the plot of the series.

Best unspoken moment: The look on Edmure’s face when he realizes Jaime is dead serious.


“I was wrong. I admit it.” – Tyrion

Tyrion was left in charge of Meereen when Daenerys flew away atop her dragon, Drogon. In order to keep the peace between neighboring cities, he declared slavery will be abolished—but in seven years hence. The neighboring cities, who had agreed to the arrangement, have obviously changed their minds with a navy. Meereen is bombarded.

This is one of the few times the wonderfully arrogant Tyrion admits that he wasn’t completely correct. That’s what happens when no one is as smart as you are, Tyrion. I love you, Tyrion, despite your drinking problem.

Best unspoken moment: What’s that sound? That was the sound of Drogon’s wings flapping toward Meereen. Soon Dany wordlessly appears mid-siege at the Great Pyramid—oh gods, Dany is back, hell yeah.

[And that means fire and blood.]


“They killed a friend of mine. – The Hound
“You’ve got friends?” – Thoros of Myr
“Not any more.” – The Hound

Earlier in the episode, the Hound had killed some members of the Brotherhood Without Banners in the hopes that they would lead him to the ones who killed his friend, the nameless Septon in the previous episode, “The Broken Man.” They didn’t. But he soon comes across the Brotherhood—who happen to be hanging those three men for their crimes.

The Hound wants a piece of their deaths. He demands to kill two of the three murderers; Thoros of Myr counters they have to die by hanging. The Hound agrees, and the men hang. Afterward, the Brotherhood ask the Hound to join them in the fight against the cold winds rising in the North.

Actually, the best lines in this episode went to the Hound. Alternate best lines include:

“I killed you before, Dondarrion. Happy to do it again.”
“Drop that arrow, you bloody girl.”
“I prefer chicken.”
“You’re getting old, Clegane.” – Thoros
“He’s not.” – Clegane says as he hangs the murderer.


Best unspoken moment: The Hound takes the boots from the corpse he just hung. I’m sorry, did I say corpse? The hanged man was still kicking when the Hound avails him of his footwear.

“Finally, a girl is no one.” – Jaqen H’ghar
“A girl is is Arya Stark of Winterfell. and I’m going home.” – Arya

In the House of Black and White, the man who wears the face of Jaqen H’ghar sees blood. As he follows the blood trail, he is led to the Hall of Faces, where he is confronted by Arya and Needle. Arya puts the tip of her sword against his chest, but he leans into it. Wordlessly, he releases her from her service to the God of Death.

[She has promises to keep and miles to go before she sleeps.]

Best unspoken moment: The blood trail leads to the Hall of Faces…and the newest face is that of the Waif, courtesy of Arya.

Other good lines include:

“Two translators are on a sinking ship. The first says, Do you know how to swim? The second says, no, but I can shout for help in nineteen languages.” – Missandei

This line is spoken when Tyrion, who wants Missandei and Grey Worm to drink with him and tell him jokes. The scene does little to advance the plot, other than to point out how annoying it is when drunks demand that you drink with them. Or maybe that’s just me and my friends.

“If you shaved your beard with a straight razor, you’d say the razor worked. That doesn’t mean it won’t cut your throat.” – Varys

Varies speaks this on his way to a secret location on a secret mission that I can’t even begin to speculate about. But I’m confident all will be revealed…eventually. 

Of course, Tyrion being Tyrion, he responds, “Spoken like a man who’s never had to shave,” once again pointing out that Varys has lost his man bits.  

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