Game of Thrones landed some serious blows on fans in fifth episode of season 6 “The Door.” These were mind-spinning reveals and one particularly painful death that we did not see coming.

Except that one fan did—and so did one of Game of Thrones’ stars.


Back in 2008, before the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire became the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, fans were bandying theories on the popular website,, about the meaning of the name Hodor.

While some suggested it was a mangling of his name in the books, Walder, others suggested it was merely a nonsense word. But then there’s the theory of this prognosticator, Myrddin.


“The poor guy is just asking someone to hold the door for him, since he’s always carrying someone else around…His mind finally snapped, and now all he can say is Hodor.”

Myrddin was mostly right. Hodor wasn’t carrying someone, though. He was holding the door against an onslaught of White Walkers, so Bran and Meera can escape. (We’re reaching out to Myrddin, to ask him to give us some lottery numbers in the year 2024.)

Ultimately, Hodor was killed by White Walkers…which brings us to the second person who had prescient thoughts about Hodor’s death: actor Kristian Nairn.

In an interview in 2013, Nairn told Flicks In The City he hoped his character would die by fighting the White Walkers. “A huge action scene would be nice. I’d enjoy that.”

Sadly, he doesn’t go on to win the lottery, because Nairn blamed the loss of Hodor’s mind on Gregor Clegane and not the person who was truly responsible—his best buddy Bran.

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Featured Image Credits: HBO