“My name is Fox Mulder. Since my childhood, I’ve been obsessed with a controversial global phenomena.” And with that, we’ve been re-introduced to the X-Files after a fourteen-year television hiatus. Fox has released the first minute of the upcoming miniseries, and as an X-phile, I’m suddenly all sorts of quivery.

In the video, we get a voiceover from Mulder as he pages through photos of his life. The words and images serve to refresh our memories—not that most of us need reminding—about Mulder’s inspirations and/or obsessions: the disappearance of his sister Samantha, the X-Files, and his partner Dana Scully.

There’s also the Flukeman. Oh gods, why did it have to be the Flukeman? I could have lived without that just fine.

It’s a fast-paced yet informative minute, one you need to see to remind you of what we’ve been missing since 2002. Oh wait, there was the movie X-Files: I Want to Believe in 2008. It would be better titled, X-Files: I Want to Forget.

The video can be found on a dedicated site, Do You Still Believe. You can also “show you still believe” by uploading a photo of yourself; the site provides the X-Files caption. Tweet about the X-Files, and your tweet may wind up on the site.

The X-Files premieres on January 24, with a second episode appearing the next night, January 25. It’s a one-two punch we’re looking forward to.