Remember the 1965 board game Operation? In the game, you play a surgeon who has to remove plastic objects from different parts of a patient’s body with a pair of tweezers. If you accidentally touch the edges of the body cavity, you get buzzed. Your turn is over.

It’s a simple game that requires hand-eye coordination. And obviously it was too simple for YouTubers Madcap Brothers, who must have said, “How can we make Operation hilariously difficult?”

Well, they created their own rules…and hooked up their board game to a paintball gun.

As the video’s narrator explains, “You have one minute to get out as many pieces as possible. When the tweezers touch the side, the gun fires. The gun has an electric solenoid attached to it, pulls the trigger every time the tweezers hit.”

The four players filmed the results. And the results are, every time one of the players touched the body cavity, they got shot.

The foursome were obviously too good at Operation, because only two of them were smacked with a ball of paint. So they played a second round, this time with their left, non-dominant hands.

Let’s just say that getting hit with a paintball gun doesn’t do much for your accuracy.

Best line: “Don’t get your blood inside his open wound.”

How do you think Operation can be even better? Check out our own version of Operation or let us know what you would change with the game.

Via Gizmodo.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube: Toys Television.