Admit it: You want to go to Hogwarts. You want to play Quidditch, eat treacle tart in the Great Hall, and wear the blue and bronze of Ravenclaw or even the colors some other inferior house. You want it right now.

And so do the folks at College Humor, who made a video about their attempt to get into a magic school. Back in late January, J.K. Rowling announced new schools of witchcraft and wizardry, including the geographically desirable—to Americans, at least—Ilvermorny. So the College Humorists attempted to get in to Ilvermorny. Or Hogwarts. Or any place that would accept them.

It turns out there are more schools to choose from than Ilvermorny. But the potential students soon learn that quantity does not equal quality. And unsurprisingly, trying to get into Ilvermorny mimics all the frustration of getting into a non-magic school.

Unlike you and I, the College Humorists have access to a sorting hat (and not an owl. But hey, owls cost money). So in the video above, we get to see a few Hogwarts-wannabes try to get into the school of their choice.

Actually, the title of the video tells you all you need to know: “Magic Schools Sh*ttier Than Hogwarts.”

Feature Image Credit: YouTube: College Humor.