Star Wars’ greatest ability isn’t the ability to print money. The movie series has an uncanny ability to plunge us into a galaxy far, far away (perhaps because it draws upon the “collective unconscious” as Carl Jung would say).

Because of this, it inspires us in different ways. If you’re an artist like Craig Davison, Star Wars inspires you to draw art about the inspiration that Star Wars gives us.

Davison’s paintings effortlessly send us back to our childhoods and how we related to the series when we were young. Here, we see children playing with sticks, canes, and umbrellas—but from their certain point of view, they’re striking out against the Rebellion or the Empire.

Pow, right in the feels.

If his work seems familiar, it’s because Davison used a similar framing that artist and illustrator Norman Rockwell used in his painting, “The Age of Romance” back in 1923. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’s teaser poster likewise used shadow to suggest a reality beyond the subject.

Check out the gallery. But you can find more of his fabulous work, much of which is available as limited edition prints, here. Davison doesn’t only focus on Star Wars. He also touches on such other childhood (and adult) favorites as Batman, Spider-Man, and Ghostbusters.

Feature Image Credit: Craig Davidson