Take two silent protagonists from two different Valve game series. Add cake. Mix in two very interesting weapons of choice. Voilà. You get one of the more amusing fan films, one where Gordon from Half-Life meets Chell from Portal.

In this fan film from AndrewMFilms, we see what happens when Gordon gets his hand (and gravity gun) on the famed cake in Portal. But then Chell usurps the cake with her wits (and portal gun). And as in real life, the first person to get a piece of delicious and moist cake wins.

In other words, let them eat cake. But only the winner.

(Sidenote: The cake is not a lie. It turns out that the developers had their eyes on a Black Forest cake from The Regent Bakery & Café in Redmond, Washington. In case you were wondering, the actual cake doesn’t contain fish shaped volatile organic compounds. Because we know you were worried about it.)

If this isn’t enough goodness for you, there are other fan films to whet your appetite. There’s “Portal: No Escape,” which shows how tough and clever Chell is. Then there’s “Outside Aperature,” where a lonely Chell learns how to make cake.

But for me, the winner has to be “When Gordon Met Chell,” where they team up against the Combine. It’s the closest thing romance you’ll get in Valve’s universe.