Of all the seven deadly sins, the one we think of when we think of Japan is envy. That’s because they have more awesome per square mile than we have in entire states. Cat cafes. Bunny Island. Anime. Kaiju. Anime kaiju. But now when we think of Japan, we’re about to add another deadly sin: gluttony.

That’s because some fiendishly brilliant Japanese baker has based their shop on Kiki’s Delivery Service.

For those of you who haven’t seen Kiki’s Delivery Service, please stop reading this article and watch it immediately. I’ll wait.

For the rest of you who just need a memory refresh, the film is a 1989 animated classic by Hayao Miyazaki about a young witch who moves to a small town and starts a broomstick-based delivery service while living in a bakery. She and her cat Jiji have many marvelous adventures.

Now there is a bakery inspired by our magical pal. It’s in Yufuin Floral Village, a small tourist hotspot in Kyushu modeled after the English Cotswolds, complete with English gardens and a Peter Rabbit petting zoo, this author writes while checking Priceline for tickets to Japan.

We have photos, courtesy of BoredPanda, to show you just what we’re missing on this side of the Pacific Ocean. Check ’em out.

The only problem? From what I can tell, the bakery doesn’t have delivery service… which is probably a good thing, because the checklist of this bakery’s deadly sins would then have to include sloth.

Via BoredPanda.

Featured Image Credit: Studio Ghibli