People visit Disney World and Disneyland to experience a magical adventure, with rides, shows, and the ability to mingle with their favorite characters. Not me. I go to eat. The food at Disney World is some of the best I’ve ever had. And now, with the news that there will be not one but two Star Wars-themed restaurants at the Star Wars Land-in-progress at both parks, I’m up for another adventure. An adventure where I gain five well-earned pounds.

An adventure it will be, if the recently released concept art of (the unofficially named) Star Wars Land comes to life. The art shows us a starport, as well as a place where merchants show their wares. All of it is new yet familiar: a family-friendly hive of scum and villainy.

And of course, we get a look at the restaurants. As people with Disney dining experience know, Star Wars Land will stick to its formula, with two dining choices for guests: quick service (a more casual eatery) and table service. The quick service restaurant will be known as—naturally—the Cantina; the table service restaurant is currently untitled. Given Disney’s track record of good eats, we expect the food to be as spectacular as it is elsewhere…only this time with blue milk.

So when will we be going on this galactic adventure? Not even Yoda can see. But Theme Park Insider breaks down other Disney announcements with their completion dates and logics a guess of 2019. At the earliest.  

We have a gallery of Star Wars-y concept art, a glimpse of the Star Wars Land to come, plus some Star Wars yummies found only at Disney. And let us know in the comments below how much you’re looking forward to a Disney experience dedicated to Star Wars.

Via DisneyFoodBlog

Image Credits: Disney/Star Wars