How well do you know your digital bunnies? If you play a lot of games, you may have encountered one or two of them, innocently nibbling on the digital grass, perhaps laying in wait to cause some comic mischief when you least expect it.

Some bunnies are more recognizable than others. Check out our quiz, to see just how rabbitastic you are.

Results Overview

0-2: No carrot for you
Digital critters aren’t quite your domain. Time to lock and load with Call of Duty.

3-5: Silly rabbit
You’ve got an eye for hay-munching four-footed herbivores. You may even shoot a few from time to time, but you probably feel guilty about it.

6-7: Fluffy goodness
Did you know that bunny’s tails serve an evolutionary purpose? The while tail confuses predators on the hunt when a rabbit invariably takes a sharp turn. Of course you did. Because you know your bunnies.

8-9: Ruler of the Lagomorphs
You’re unstoppabun. XKCD wrote this with you in mind.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft Games Studio