Month: December 2011

7 awesome bits of tech that just freakin’ disappeared

Recently, my husband and I were arguing about TiVos, and it’s not just because we like to argue. He says that our homegrown MythTV system is a customizable, open-source way to record television, and I say that I miss the chirpy little noise a TiVo remote control made when I fast-forwarded through the commercials. Then we paused to remember Tivo’s competitor, ReplayTV. What the heck happened to it?

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Angry Birds dress worn by Rovio executive’s wife

Is this stealth cosplay? Yes and no. Yes, if you’re one of the three people on the planet who hasn’t played Angry Birds (Hi, Mom!), you wouldn’t know quite what you were looking at. No, because she’s wearing a freakin’ Angry Bird. 

I would too. Except that I would go with the yellow bird, because the yellow has some speed on him.

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