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I'm a freelance writer. I live in New York City with my husband, our books, and his coffee machine.
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Preacher’s Julie Ann Emery on the explosive final season

If you’re not watching Preacher, you’re missing out on one of the most fun and most off-kilter shows on television.

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Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski details a painful origin story of his own

The screenwriter commonly known as JMS has reached personal and professional heights that are all the more impressive when you consider the dark low points of his early childhood.

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6 ways AI is making an impact on video games

AI has changed the way video games work–for the better.

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5 insights that big data has gleaned about cannabis

After gathering 65 million data points, Strainprint has collected the world’s largest medicinal cannabis dataset. That means a fascinating collection of marijuana-related information and high…

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11 great mechanical keyboards for coders

[Editor’s note: This article was first published in 2017; it was updated in 2019 to update pricing, as well as to add the NightFox, Kinesis…

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A military officer dissects Jon Snow’s battle strategy (and finds it lacking)

In the second episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” winter has come, and with it, an army the undead. Jon Snow has devised a battle plan to defend Winterfell, and ultimately the realms of men. So what does a …

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8 ways sci-fi imagines data storage

We can remember it for you wholesale. But we probably prefer to use today’s storage technology.

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When technology is something to sing about

Originally published: Writing about music is like dancing about systems architecture. Late musician Frank Zappa once said, “There are more love songs than anything else. If…

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These Podcasters Use FANDOM AND WELLNESS To Talk About Mental Health

This isn’t just any story. This is a superhero origin story.
One day back in 2016, Arkeida Wilson, who was in the throes of a mentally abusive relationship, took a walk in Manhattan to clear her head…and wound up taking the brunt of a terrorist b…

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Video Games May Enhance Skills Beyond a Superb Double Jump

FPS games also may offer benefits for your brain like increased hand-eye coordination and visual perception skills–benefits that last.

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